Custom Home Building Process

We’ve spent years homing in on the best process to help our clients turn their dreams into their reality. These are the steps that take you from vision to move in.

Step 1 — Project Discovery Meeting

We meet to discuss your goals and talk about the planning and building process. You’ll leave the session with a general cost estimate, a project timeline and full confidence that Ferrey Rauch can meet your unique requirements.

Step 2 — Design Discovery Meeting

We sit down one or more times to review your conceptual design and make any modifications we agree will enhance your enjoyment of your new home.

Step 3 — Plan Review and Approval

We go over specific costs based on your approved design so there are no surprises as the project gets underway.

Step 4 — Budget Review

We meet with you to review the budget, discuss any final changes and agree to a project timeline.

Step 5 — Bank Finance Meeting

You meet with a bank contact to discuss the project and obtain loan pre-approval.

Step 6 — Final Budget Review and Contract Approval

We do a final review of the budget and explain the Contract to Build before you sign the final agreement. Then, the required documents are submitted to the bank, after which the bank orders the appraisal and works with you to close the loan.

Step 7 — Permit Submittal

We submit plans to the building department for review. Once they are approved, permits are issued and construction begins.

Step 8 — Ground Breaking and Construction Kickoff

We get together to break ground on your project and officially kickoff the construction phase!

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